Family fun in Ottawa's cold winters can be a challenge when the temperature really drops, but thankfully there are plenty of indoor activities that can cheer up chilly children!

Fun Winter Crafts and Activities for Your Preschooler

During the winter season, it’s hard to think of fun and exciting ways to entertain your preschooler. Family fun in an Ottawa winter can be a challenge! The snow and ice make it difficult to find variety beyond tobogganing and ice skating. There are some days where the both of you are cooped up inside, searching for something to do.

While an Ottawa daycare has plenty to keep your kids entertained and engaged, sometimes it can be a challenge to get creative and find indoor activities when you’re holed up from the weather. Here are a few fun ideas to get you started:

Bird Feeders

Getting attuned with nature is a great way to encourage family fun. Ottawa has many local birds that would more than appreciate this fun, interactive winter craft – bird feeders! There are so many great DIY bird feeder options. All it takes is a bit of creativity, a few easy-to-find materials, and birdseed.

This way, can spend an afternoon creating a personal backyard bird feeder with your preschooler. Enjoy watching the sparrows and chickadees chow down on your homemade creation!

Ice Sun Catchers

This is a craft both children and their parents can enjoy. This simple project that produces beautiful results. All you need is water, a pie tin, and any available craft items. Try using leaves, glitter glue, cotton balls, and drops of food colouring. Pour water into the pie tin, fill with your decorations, and freeze it overnight. Once they are frozen, your preschooler can take them outside to sparkle in the sunshine, bringing life to their personal creation.

Decorating Slippers

The weather outside is frightful during the winter. It also has a bad habit of sneaking into your home. Most people have a pair of slippers to help keep their feet warm on cold winter floors. Letting your little ones decorate their own pair of cozy slippers is a fun activity that can get their creativity flowing. All you need is a pair of plain slippers and basic crafting supplies to get started!

These are just a few fun winter crafts you can do with your child. While your child is away from their daycare, Ottawa parents have an unlimited options of fun winter crafts to entertain themselves and their children while they are snowed in.