Check out our tips for Ottawa indoor playground fun!

These Tips Can Help Parents Be Ready for Anything at an Ottawa Indoor Playground

Bringing the kids to an indoor playground is a great opportunity for the kids to expend energy while you take a bit of a break. However, there are some things to consider to make sure you, your kids, and other families all have an enjoyable time. Keep these tips in mind so you’re ready for anything at an Ottawa indoor playground.

Come Prepared

To ensure both you and your children are comfortable at the indoor playground, make sure you both wear comfortable clothes that can handle some physical activitiy. Also, give your kids shoes that are easy to take off and put on. Here are some additional things to bring with you:

  • Sanitizer;
  • Snacks;
  • Extra socks for both you and your kids; and,
  • Extra clothes in case of spilled food or for a fresh change.

Teach the Benefits of Sharing

Young children don’t always have the best grasp on sharing, so it can be hard to teach them to share the playground. But there are ways you can show them how sharing will benefit them. For example, if your kid is taking a long time climbing up to the slide, and kids are waiting behind in a long line, tell your kid that the faster they go up and come down, the more turns they’ll get to take on the slide. This idea of helping others to benefit your kid can be applied to most activities at the indoor playground.

Be Polite

When dealing with difficult kids and their parents, it’s best to be as polite and nonjudgmental as possible. You don’t want to offend parents or hurt kids’ feelings, so speak to them in a kind and gentle tone. This will prevent any confrontations between you and other parents.

For example, if a child is being pushy, you can kneel down to their level and speak to them calmly, letting them know they need to wait their turn.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

While it’s okay to move your child away from an escalating confrontation with another child, do avoid moving aside other children, especially older children. Older kids can also sort out their problems on their own, learning how to deal with confrontation. But if you do notice parents neglecting their kids’ aggressive behaviours, speak with the indoor playground staff. They are trained to handle these types of situations.

Clean Up

Keep your belongings tidy and clean up after your kids if they leave toys all over the playground. This will ensure the safety of everyone in the playground. If you have a stroller, fold it up while inside. Also, keep an eye on your kids and ask them to clean up when they make a mess with toys.

Enjoy Your Time

While the kids are playing, you should enjoy this bit of free time to relax. Bring a friend and a cup of coffee if you want. Although you will still be aware of your kids’ activities, you can sit and enjoy a good conversation for a while.

With a few precautions, you and your children can make the most of your time at an Ottawa indoor playground without worry. The more respect you and your kids show others, the easier play time will be.