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Tips for Booking Kid-Friendly Party Room Rentals in Ottawa for Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events are a great occasion to show employee appreciation and to get to know your staff outside the office. Especially during this season, businesses are treating their employees for all the hard work they’ve accomplished throughout the year.

One way you can show your appreciation is by hosting a family-friendly corporate event. Boost workplace morale by showing your staff that you care about them and their families. Parents will appreciate this gesture since they won’t have to worry about finding a babysitter and can enjoy the special time with their kids. It also brings the families of different employees together, making for a fun occasion and lasting memories.

To plan an event to remember, consider the following tips when booking party room rentals in Ottawa for your next family-friendly corporate event:

Choose A Venue for All Ages

It’s likely that your employees will have children of various ages, and some may not even have any children. So when planning a family-friendly event, you need to take these different age groups into consideration. Look for a venue that will please them all. Not only should there be activities for young children, but there should also be enjoyable activities for older kids, teenagers, and adults.

Provide Childcare During Workshops

If your corporate event involves scheduled workshops for employees, kids will likely get bored sitting around during this time. So instead of having restless kids getting frustrated with the boring adult talk, host the event at a venue with childcare and supervision for older kids.

Plan Family Time

A family-friendly corporate event must include ample time set aside for families to spend together. Plan activities to bring everyone together, and make sure to schedule free time so families can go off and enjoy the venue’s attractions on their own.

Serve Kid-Friendly Food

While adults may want wine and blue cheese at corporate events, make sure to also serve foods and drinks that kids will enjoy. You can set up a separate kid’s area with fruits, sandwiches, baked goods, kid-friendly finger-foods, and juices—just remember to consider dietary restrictions and allergies when planning the menus. Also, consider setting up a non-alcoholic cocktail bar area with snacks for older kids and teens to have a place to mingle.

Review these tips when booking kid-friendly party room rentals in Ottawa. And most importantly, remember to keep all ages in mind when planning your family-friendly corporate event. From music to activities, there should be something for everyone to enjoy to make for a memorable family-work occasion.