Ensure your company Christmas party ideas aren't just ideas - book a venue and plan early to make the most of it!

Get the Venue You Want When You Want It—And Ensure Attendance!

Although it’s still autumn, it’s never too early to start planning your company Christmas party. If you want to throw a party to remember, start planning soon. You will have more options and time for your party planning, including brainstorming company Christmas party ideas and securing corporate party venues in Ottawa. Here are some of the main advantages to planning company Christmas parties early.

More Choices For Venues

Most companies throw holiday parties for their staff, which means bookings for popular venues in the city fill up fast. The earlier you start planning, the more options you will have in venue choices. You can choose the one place you know everyone will enjoy, and won’t risk being disappointed when you call to book. This is especially important for large corporate parties and if you want a venue that:

  • Can accommodate a large number of guests;
  • Has a stage for entertainment;
  • Offers media services—i.e. a projector and screen;
  • Has a nice view; and,
  • Is located in a specific neighbourhood.

Book For Your Preferred Party Date

Most people prefer to attend holiday parties on Friday or Saturday evenings because they don’t have to worry about getting up early for work the next day. Weekend parties allow for everyone to relax and have fun, and avoid any disruptions to productivity at work. But since most companies plan their parties on these days, they book up quickly. Avoid hosting your company party during the week and book early!

More Entertainment Options

Whether you want to hire a DJ, a live band, or any other entertainment services, you will need to book well in advance of the holiday season. Weekends are already busy times for entertainment services, and the weekends leading up to the holidays are even busier.

Get Ahead Of Other Reservations

Along with booking venues and entertainment, you will also need to book any other reservations in advance to ensure you get what you want for the party. This includes catering and ordering other special services. The moment you have a venue and date booked, you can start booking everything else for the party, so don’t leave it until the last minute.

Send Out Invitations In Advance

If you give your party guests enough notice by sending out invitations early, they will also be able to plan ahead and be more likely to attend the party. This is especially important during the busy holiday season and for parents who may need to book a babysitter for the evening. Also, the earlier you send out invitations, the sooner you’ll receive RSVPs and can plan your party accordingly.

Save Yourself Time & Stress

The earlier you plan your party, the less time you’ll need to spend calling around to book services. As the holiday season gets closer, more venues and services book up, so you’ll be stuck making multiple calls before you can find something available. And the closer you get to the holidays without finding what you need, the more stressed you’ll be.

Get the stress of planning a holiday party out of the way and start planning soon. You’ll have more time to brainstorm and book your preferred company Christmas party ideas, venues, and services, be less stressed, and be able to enjoy your holiday party to the fullest. Make the most of the festive season and throw your company a holiday party to remember.