Prepare your child for kindergarten by sending them to a Kanata daycare.

How an Orleans Daycare Can Help Kids Prepare for Kindergarten Early

With the school year approaching, many parents are starting to think about sending their children to kindergarten. Although it may be a year or two before your child starts school, early childhood education at a Orleans daycare can help prepare your child. By sending your child to a daycare the year before kindergarten begins, they will have an easier time transitioning to kindergarten both academically and socially. A preschool daycare program can help prepare your child in the following ways:

Identify Individual Learning Needs

Each child has their own learning needs so it helps to gain a better understanding of what they require with the help of professional daycare teachers. Teachers can recognize each child’s individual learning needs and teach them accordingly. When this information is made clear to the kindergarten teacher, they can use teaching methods tailored to your child’s individual learning needs.

It is also important to inform the daycare teacher of the activities that excite or frustrate your child. Both you and the teacher can put together a list of information about your child’s behavior and skills and share it with the kindergarten teacher. This information is essential to help ease the transition for both the kindergarten teacher and your child.

Learn Preschool Skills

Preschool programs help children learn age-appropriate skills that will help them gain a better understanding of what to expect in kindergarten. This will help with their cognitive development in areas like recognizing numbers and letters. Preschool daycare programs form the foundation of learning with pre-reading and pre-writing skills. In daycare, kids will learn to:

  • Follow instructions;
  • Retell stories;
  • Trace the shapes of letters and numbers—which also teaches them to hold and use a pencil;
  • Match rhyming sounds;
  • Recognize book titles; and,
  • Listen to a story with a group.

Kindergarten is often the first class setting kids experience, which can be very intimidating for children who are not used to being away from home or around a group of other children. But since the daycare class setting is similar to kindergarten, kids will learn to socialize and learn appropriate class behavior such as sharing, taking turns, and being in school for an entire day.

Along with attending an Orleans daycare, kids can also benefit socially from participating in play groups, story time at the library, and play time with new friends from daycare. The more comfortable a child is in their group settings, the easier the transition will be for starting kindergarten.

Make sure your child starts kindergarten with confidence by sending them to a Orleans daycare. A quality preschool program will prepare your child both academically and socially so they can transition smoothly to kindergarten and enjoy their educational experience.