The advantages of themed corporate events in Ottawa for the whole family

There are many benefits to hosting a themed corporate event that the entire family is invited to

Staff appreciation days can go a long way when it comes to boosting workplace morale, relationships, and productivity. When families are invited to these events as well, you can show your staff how much you care not only about them but about their families too.

When planning a themed corporate event for the whole family, consider the ages of the family members so you can plan activities accordingly. Having a theme, food, drinks, and activities that are suitable for all ages is important. If there are plenty of young children, consider choosing a venue that hosts themed corporate events in Ottawa with fun and safe play areas. While the kids are running around playing, the adults can have some fun too, and you can enjoy the following benefits to hosting a staff and family appreciation day.


As the employer, you can show your staff how much their happiness means to you. By spending time and money planning a corporate event that the whole family can enjoy, you can show them that their contentment with your company is worth it.


A fun family day gives you the opportunity to thank your staff for all of their hard work throughout the year. The act of planning the event along with actually thanking them in person will be appreciated by everyone.


You can also take this opportunity to recognize employee achievements. Whether through a mini awards ceremony, or a simple mention in front of the entire group, show your staff that you acknowledge and value their hard work.


People are happier working for employers who appreciate them, recognize their hard work, and care about their families. A themed corporate event for entire families will certainly boost employee morale, strengthen work relationships, and re-energize staff so they will continue to work hard and be productive.


Corporate events are also a great opportunity to raise money for a charity. Getting everyone together to share and work towards a common goal is also very rewarding. Consider choosing a charity that everyone will be eager to support, such as a local charity like the Food Bank, Snowsuit Fund, or CHEO.

Show your staff how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication by giving them memorable day of fun with their families at a themed corporate event in Ottawa. Both your staff and their children can have fun, strengthen relationships, and enjoy the very thoughtful event.