children playing ottawa summer camps

Why You Should Enroll Your Child in Day Camp This Summer

As is Canada’s way, right when we think winter is coming to an end Mother Nature still has a couple tricks – and a couple storms – up her sleeve. At this point children are still blissfully enjoying tobogganing, and romping around in the snow during recess. Give it a couple weeks and we’ll start to hear the slow whine rise up from these once happy children, as their desperation for summer takes over.
Thoughts of short sleeves and summer vacation dance in their heads. They wish for a hot, sunny day so they can go out and play without having to stack on boots and coats – so we’d hope. While so many children get excited about “how much their going to do this summer” most parents know these aspirations are short lived. Once summer hits and the first week of summer fun passes, many parents see their children retreating indoors and onto the computer. How many parents have struggled to get their child to go get some fresh air, only to receive, “It’s too hot outside” or “Why? It’s so boring!”

That’s why Ottawa summer camps are such a great resource that every parent should at least consider. It provides you and your child the best of both worlds. Your child remains active during their summer holiday, and they’re still able to come home to you at the end of the day.

Physical activity is one of the most important things for a child’s development. Letting your child relax during their summer holiday is not a bad thing, but everything must be done in moderation. Day camp provides structure, and activity for the majority of their day but allows them much needed down-time when they go home. Keeping them active throughout the day all year round will teach them the difference between a much deserved break, and just being sluggish. Going to a children’s playground may do the trick for a couple days, but after a while of doing the same thing – they will quickly lose interest. In this day and age of constant stimulation it can be hard to keep your child consistently active. Going to a children’s playground may do the trick for a couple days, but they can quickly lose interest. Day camp provides the variety children crave.

Another great benefit of day camp is the socialization. During the school year children have a lot of time to meet and interact with peers, but must be somewhat restrained to make sure their work and learning is not affected. Day camp allows a child to freely socialize without the stress of homework, and schooling, and ultimately make stronger relationships.

Lastly, enrolling your child in day camp is great for you. We all love our children, there is absolutely no question about it. But transitioning from having a child in school five days a week to being home is no easy feat. Keeping a child happy and stimulated on top of your daily routine is frankly exhausting. Children are our little miracles, but at times they can be…well… down right annoying. So give yourself, and your child a much needed break by enrolling them in one of the many Ottawa summer camps this year.