Ottawa summer camps

Ottawa Summer Camps Are a Safe, Fun, And Beneficial Place to Send Your Kids This Summer

Since many parents in Ottawa do not have the whole summer off like their kids do, parents must find a safe and enjoyable childcare option for their kids during the weekdays. And since Ottawa summers get hot, it’s also important to find a summer camp that has a great indoor space for kids. There are Ottawa summer camps that have a safe and enjoyable indoor space, and will care for kids as young as preschool age.

These camps are not only fun for kids, but they also have many social, physical, emotional, and educational benefits for kids. So, instead of having your kid sit in front of the TV all summer, consider sending you kid to a summer day camp so they can enjoy these amazing benefits:


Socialization is an important part of childhood development. Through early social interactions with peers, kids can be better prepared for socializing throughout their lives. At summer camps, kids can make friends and develop their social skills in a fun and safe environment.


Even though summer camp isn’t school, there are still many useful skills that kids can learn at camp—from arts and crafts, to swimming and learning about nature. Summer camp activities are still educational, teaching kids problem solving and team work skills.


Ottawa summer camps have access to play structures and areas for kids to run around and play games. Regular exercise and active play are encouraged in day camp and are very beneficial to children’s physical health. And on those scorching hot Ottawa summer days, indoor playgrounds are a safe option for physical activities.


Summer camps help kids adjust to being away from their parents. By learning to be independent and following a daily structure at summer camp, kids—especially younger ones—will be better prepared for school. Kids can learn to be responsible and respectful, and also learn to have fun while being away from their families.

Summer day camps are fun for kids of all ages, and are a truly beneficial place to send your kids during their summer vacation. Instead of sitting in front of the TV all summer, they can be playing and learning with new friends in a safe and fun environment. And if your kid is hesitant to start camp, give them time to adjust and make friends. Within a week or two, your kid won’t be as afraid, and will look forward to going to their summer camp in Ottawa.