Active kids at a Stittsville daycare

How Stittsville Daycares Promote Lifelong Health for Children Through Fun Physical Activities

Regular exercise and physical activity are important for people of all ages to maintain proper physical and mental health. And the younger people are when they start being active, the more likely they will continue being physically active throughout their lives. Early childhood physical activity can help children develop healthy habits while also promoting many health and developmental benefits. Fun and safe physical activities should be encouraged for children of all ages, even toddlers. A Stittsville daycare with a safe indoor playground is a great place for your toddler to benefit from daily physical activity.

Benefits of Physical Activity in Early Childhood

Physical activity in early childhood will promote a lifelong desire for exercise and healthy choices, and benefit children by:

  • Boosting confidence,
  • Lowering stress levels and chances of experiencing depression,
  • Strengthening bones and muscles,
  • Improving sleep,
  • Improving flexibility, endurance, and motor skills,
  • Reducing behavioural and disciplinary problems,
  • Improving attention spans and performance in school,
  • Promoting social skills and brain development, and
  • Helping to maintain a healthy weight.

Physical Activity in Daycare

Toddlers in daycare should have 30 minutes or more of physical activity each day if they attend half-day programs, and 60 minutes or more each day in full-day programs. Physical activity should be both outdoors and indoors, and include free play time and structured activities with the teacher leading the class.

Free Play Vs. Structured Activities

Free play includes playing indoors or outdoors in a playground. This time allows children to use their imagination, and daycare teachers will engage with the children while encouraging and respecting their active play time. Structured physical activities are planned ahead, quick, intense, and should be vigorous and developmentally appropriate, promoting the development of motor skills.

Fun Physical Activities

Stittsville daycares can make almost any daycare activity a fun physical activity. Fun active play ideas include:

  • Dance parties,
  • Obstacle courses,
  • Acting out stories during reading time,
  • The use of props to identify colours, numbers, and shapes, and
  • Marching, hopping, or skipping during transition times.

One of the many fun parts of daycare is the active play time. Daycares can make physical activity fun so children will be more likely to continue being physically active throughout their lives. A daycare in Stittsville can promote a healthy lifestyle for your toddler through fun physical activities and active play with friends. And your child will also feel better emotionally and physically if they engage in regular physical activity starting at a young age.