Children of all ages require a certain amount of exercise to stay happy and healthy, but in a city with volatile weather, indoor playgrounds in Ottawa might be the solution we need.

Everybody knows that kids need exercise, but in a world where people have become increasingly sedentary, we need to be sure our children are getting much-needed physical activity – every day. Indoor play offers an excellent way to be sure the kids are moving around, even if they’re not playing outside.

It’s important to remember that even though electronic entertainment such as TVs, computers and video games can be educational, it’s critical that kids learn through creative and physical play. Indoor playgrounds in Ottawa offer a way to encourage kinesthetic learning while simply having fun. Indoor play also allows a child to get out of the house without having to worry about supervision.

Ottawa indoor playgrounds exist as a safe, clean, and engaging space for play appropriate for children of all ages. Some parents are uncomfortable bringing their kids to a public park because the play structures may be dirty or old and rickety, but that’s no concern at an indoor playground. Parents want their children to engage in physical activity so they can be strong and healthy. Therefore, it’s understandable that certain parents would want to keep their children away from outdoor playgrounds to avoid the risk of injury on shabby equipment or falling ill as a result of touching something dirty.

With indoor play – in Ottawa especially, where sudden cold fronts and heat waves are the norm – the weather forecast is not a factor in whether or not your child can get their daily dose of exercise. For some, putting on a little extra weight in the winter months is normal, but even throughout the rest of the year, our poor portion control and tendency to eat junk food makes us susceptible to putting on a few pounds. Physical activity in places like indoor playgrounds encourages children to move and keeps their metabolism high.

As a parent, taking care of your children is always going to be the top priority. Indoor play has a huge role in making sure that your children are healthy and happy. . Stimulate their brains, their imagination and their bodies by strongly encouraging at least thirty minutes of physical activity every day – more if possible – and watch them grow.