Outdoor and indoor play is important for your child's future.

Why Both Outdoor and Indoor Play Is Good for Kids

Play is an important part of childhood because it helps kids develop the skills they need to live happy and healthy lives and it also helps shape them as a person in their adulthood. Although play may just seem like something that kids love to do, encouraging play and engaging in play with your kids will help them (and you) more than you might realize. Whether kids are participating in outdoor or indoor play in Ottawa, they are developing important skills for a healthy lifestyle that will benefit them throughout their lives. Play is an important activity because it:

Nourishes Imagination

Imagination is a big part of play for kids. No matter how old kids are, imaginative play should be encouraged since it keeps their minds open and creative while also teaching them to problem solve and handle various imagined scenarios.

Boosts Self-Esteem

As kids learn new activities, develop skills, and get over their fears of trying something new, they develop healthy self-esteem and confidence. They will be more likely to enjoy play and embrace new experiences and challenges, knowing that they can learn skills and overcome challenges while having fun.

Promotes Physical Fitness

Kids develop important cognitive and physical skills through active play, such as balance and coordination. Physical activity also improves physical fitness—i.e. cardiovascular health, muscle development, endurance, and flexibility—which is extremely beneficial to kids now and throughout their lives. Kids who are physically fit are more likely to continue being athletic through sports, dance, and participation in other forms of physical play.

Increases Parental Engagement

Parents who play with their kids—teaching them new activities and skills—are more engaged, developing close bonds and learning more about their child’s interests. A parent-child bond can be nourished through play, providing healthy emotional and physical development for kids.

Encourages A Healthy Lifestyle

The many physical, social, cognitive, and emotional skills learned through play will make kids happier and healthier overall. There are the confidence- and mood-boosting benefits of physical activity along with the many health benefits. Kids also learn important social and emotional skills through play, including team work and cooperation. Kids can put these skills to use throughout their lives to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

Keep your kids active, imaginative, happy, and healthy by encouraging and engaging in play. Whether they’re playing with you at home, taking part in dance or sports, or playing at outdoor and indoor playgrounds in Ottawa, your kids will develop the skills they need in the playground and throughout life.