Ottawa summer camps offer lasting benefits that stick around well after kids come home.

How Ottawa Summer Camps Can Benefit Kids for A Lifetime

Summer in Ottawa is the perfect time for kids to explore the outside world, be active, and have fun. However, more kids these days are spending their free time during summer vacation at home in front of the TV, computer, or mobile devices. Although this may seem like the norm for kids, it doesn’t have to be. One of the best ways to get kids out of the house in the summer is by sending them to Ottawa summer camps. Exposing kids to this alternative summer lifestyle that promotes physical activity and socialization can actually change their attitudes and behaviours at home and in life.

Summer Camp Benefits

According to the Canadian Summer Camp Research Project, the experiences at summer camp will lead to positive development and lasting behavioural changes in all aspects of a kid’s life—including at home, in school, and out in the community. These experiences improve or reinforce positive attitudes and behaviours.

For this study, researchers from the University of Waterloo collected information from parents after their kids attended summer camps. The study included responses from 1,405 parents of campers ranging from ages 4 to 18. These parents reported on any changes in their kids’ attitudes and behaviours after attending summer camp. No matter the age, gender, or camp experience of the kids, the parents reported positive development in each of the following areas:

  • Social integration and citizenship;
  • Environmental awareness;
  • Attitudes toward physical activity;
  • Emotional intelligence; and,
  • Self-confidence and personal awareness.

This study also found that the older the kids were, the greater the changes in attitudes and behaviours. For the most part, kids displayed improvements in self-confidence, maturity, and leadership after attending summer camp.

The Summer Camp Experience

The unique experiences at summer camp influence these positive behavioural changes in kids. The most notable experiences are the frequent face-to-face social interactions with other campers and camp counselors. As opposed to kids spending time in front of the TV, computer, and mobile devices at home, they are out socializing, being active, and learning about nature and the environment through engaging activities. This time spent socializing in a fun environment builds positive skills that will benefit kids throughout their lives. Kids develop constructive skills through these social interactions and also gain an appreciation of physical activity and learning outside of the classroom.

So if you think your kids spend too much time indoors during the summer, and not enough time having fun with friends, consider getting them out of the house and sending them to Ottawa summer camps. Fun camp experiences contribute to these lasting summer camp benefits, improving your kids’ attitudes and behaviours throughout their lives.