Daycare in Ottawa has many social benefits for children.

How Daycare in Ottawa can Help Your Child Learn and Grow

Sending a child to daycare can be nerve wracking for parents, but if you’re like 70 percent of Canadians, then at one point or another you will place your child in some kind of daycare arrangement. Even with the many experienced and engaging facilities for daycare in Ottawa, leaving your child with a group of strangers can still be an anxiety-provoking experience.

It’s completely understandable to be anxious about this. The benefits of sending your child to an Ottawa daycare far outweigh any fears you might have, though. Here are a few of the ways attending daycare can help children develop, grow and thrive:

Daycare Promotes Critical Thinking and Cognitive Abilities

According to an extensive study by the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), children who had spent time in a high-quality daycare when they were younger had higher cognitive and academic achievement scores as teens. In this study, “high-quality daycare” meant facilities that provided extensive interaction with care providers, support and cognitive-boosting activities.

Daycare Helps Children Build Social Skills

Sending your child to a daycare in Ottawa will help them develop positive social skills. Not only are the children in an environment where they will interact and play with other children all day, they are also supervised by experienced educators who will teach them to interact in a friendly and cooperative manner.

Daycare Encourages Independence:

Independence is another important skill children can learn from attending daycare in Ottawa. For some children, this might be one of their first experiences without their parents. As such, it gives them the opportunity to learn important self-help skills and encourages them to begin making decisions on their own, with the guidance of their teachers.

Daycare Prepares Children for the Transition to School

Daycare helps prepare children for the transition to a school environment by getting children used to a schedule, routine and active learning environment.

While you may want to teach these skills to your child yourself, the demands of work often stand in the way. Fortunately, research has shown that sending your child to a high-quality daycare centre in Ottawa can let your children develop and learn in a safe environment while you’re on the job.

Placing your child in the care of strangers can certainly make any parent nervous, but when you choose reliable daycare providers, you know your child is getting the care they deserve in an environment they can feel comfortable in.