Daycare reviews from community apps can help you in researching facilities.

Three Useful Tips On What To Look For

Many people believe that Yelp, an app designed to help people find local businesses ranked by user ratings and reviews, was created for restaurants and bars, but that’s simply not the case! Yelp is a wonderful resource to help find numerous local businesses, such as daycares or daycare centres. Whether they are looking for a daycare in Ottawa, Kanata, or Stittsville, the value of hearing from other parents and the experiences they have had can be extremely helpful in making a decision. Here are some details worth keeping an eye out for when selecting a daycare near you:

The Right Staff

A fully-trained and certified staff is a must for any parent looking to put their child in a daycare in the greater Ottawa area. With training and specialization in Early Childhood Education, attentive staff will work hard to ensure your child is getting the right level of care and attention they deserve. Keeping an eye open for information on the quality of staff when researching daycare providers with Yelp will give you a sense of the level of care that you can expect your child to receive.

The Right Curriculum

Once your child feels comfortable in their setting, the right curriculum offered at daycares and daycare centres will help them grow and develop, and ensure they are ready to enter grade school when the time comes. Daycares that base their curriculum on the ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today) guidelines are crafting their programs around four basic pillars of education: physical, cognitive, emotional, and social. Using a combination of indoor and outdoor activities, the perfect daycare should foster growth in your child in all four of these pillars.

The Right Facility

Although it should go without saying, a recommended and well-reviewed daycare in Ottawa, Kanata, or Stittsville wouldn’t be complete without a top-notch facility to go with the curriculum and staff. Indoors, bright, spacious, and clean classrooms are the perfect space to truly foster growth in your child. Lush, green outdoor spaces with plenty of trees will make for a perfect nature break. The right facility should also prepare fresh and nutritious meals to set your child up for success.

Using Yelp to find the right daycare facility for your child’s needs will often allow you to browse through individual daycare’s websites for further information. 360 degree virtual tours are a wonderful way to get first-hand knowledge of the layout of the daycare without making the trek out there to begin with.

When it comes to children, parents always want what’s best, and this couldn’t be more true with daycares. Be sure to do your homework, and trust the word of your fellow parents when selecting the right daycare in Ottawa, Kanata, or Stittsville for your child. Take advantage of Yelp and let the community do the work for you!