When choosing a daycare Ottawa parents should keep these must-have features in mind.

The Must-Have Features Of Daycares In Ottawa And The Surrounding Region

When it comes to daycare in Ottawa and Stittsville, parents agree: the ideal centre for their children has to be safe, stimulating, and fun. At the same time, it has to teach kids the fundamentals of life, turning those little ones into confident and smart individuals.

Expectations and emotions can run high when it comes to finding the perfect daycare for your child. It is essential that parents and daycare providers are on the same page, to ensure expectations can be met. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important aspects of Ottawa daycare centres:


When looking at daycare Ottawa parents need to know the facilities are safe. There are no two ways about this; smoke detectors, emergency exits, safety gates, and covered outlets have to be in place. It’s also important for staff to have appropriate first aid and CPR training. Parents looking for daycare in Ottawa should also ask about emergency preparedness and look into the facility’s immunization protocol.


Children deserve a safe and clean place to play and learn. Regular, frequent cleaning is a must at any daycare, so parents should ask about the cleaning routines at any daycare they’re considering sending their child too. If you drop by unannounced, you’ll get a good sense of how strict that routine is.

Positive Environment

Daycares should be fun, welcoming environments—and that’s not just in reference to staff attitudes. Is the space itself open, welcoming, and comfortable? Natural light is a must and can do wonders for the moods of children. Ask for a tour of the space, and you’ll get a sense of how it feels firsthand.

Age Appropriate Care

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect daycare centre only to learn your child is too young or too old. Transitions can be tough for most infants and many toddlers, especially if they’ve got a strong bond with their current daycare provider, so it’s vital to find the right daycare centre to make that transition as easy as possible for your young ones.


Does the Ottawa daycare centre follow a curriculum? Parents should ask to see a copy of the educational program the prospective daycare is following and also inquire about progress reports or regular updates they can expect to receive for their child.


Are all staff fully trained and certified Early Childhood Educators? This is a must if you’re looking for a daycare that will encourage the growth and development of your child. It’s also worth it to see what the ECE-to-child ratio is.

Finding that perfect daycare in Ottawa, Stittsville, or Kanata can seem like a daunting task. Open communication is key to reassure parents that their children are well taken care of and to ensure everyone’s expectations are met.