Choosing the right daycare in Ottawa requires a visit and knowing what to look for.

Top Tips For Choosing Child Care From An Ottawa Daycare Provider

Safe, caring, stimulating, clean, structured, nutritious, educational…the list of must-haves for any daycare in Ottawa goes on. Naturally, we want only the best for our children. To help you navigate your Ottawa’s daycare options, we have compiled some key points to consider:


It could be the best facility in town, but if the waitlist is too long, or if the hours of available care don’t match your requirements, you have to begin your search from scratch. First up, ask the question: does the daycare have space in their program on the days and hours I need?


Inquire about the staff’s first aid training, emergency preparedness, and evacuation plan. Keep an eye out for fire extinguishers and smoke detectors as well as babyproofing basics (such as covered outlets, safety gates etc.).


Does the Ottawa daycare prepare food fresh on-site? Are standards being followed to allow for the development of healthy eating habits?


Drop by unannounced for a visit and you will get a good sense of the facility’s cleanliness. Where are diapers being changed? Is regular hand washing enforced? Are toys disinfected at the end of each day, minimizing the spread of germs?


Are certified Early Childhood Educators onsite at all times? Question group and class sizes and the staff-to-child ratio, and also inquire about staff turnover rates. Children form strong bonds with caregivers. If staff changes too frequently, children will be unable to establish secure connections.

Sick Policy

Does the daycare have a written sick policy in place? Are immunizations required? It’s good to have a sense of how sudden schedule changes will be handled should your child get sick or otherwise need to stay home.


If your child is a big sleeper and requires a nap during the day, ensure the facility’s schedule allows for quiet time. Request to see the area allocated for nap time and the daily program.


Is the centre providing daily updates or regular progress reports, documenting your child’s development? Daycare is a great opportunity for children to learn, play, and discover, and following their progress can give you a better sense of how you can help and encourage that growth.


Last but not least, inquire about daily rates, sibling discounts, paid holidays and sick days (to name a few) to ensure the daycare in Ottawa you are evaluating fits your budget.

Finding care for your little ones can be a very emotional and stressful task. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and schedule multiple visits, with and without your child. Also, try and bring another adult along. Four eyes see more than two, especially if you are visiting with your kid, who might distract you.

Review your Ottawa daycare options carefully and remember to trust your parental instincts to find the perfect fit for you and your little ones.