Here's what you need to look for in Ottawa summer camps.

Top Things to Keep in Mind When Picking Summer Camp Fun for Your Little Ones

Summer camps are a fantastic opportunity for kids to have fun, learn, and make new friends. Camps also teach kids to cope with time away from their parents in a fun and supportive environment. When choosing summer camps, there are a few important things to keep in mind to ensure that your kids will enjoy their time at camp with good supervision. Consider these things to look when it’s time to choose the best Ottawa summer camps for your kids:

Good Communication

A professional summer camp will have a point of contact available before the camp season starts. Whether it’s a camp director, owner, or another staff member, they should be able to answer all your questions professionally and ensure you’re totally informed of policies, procedures, and camp events. A consistent communication plan is also important for staff to reach parents, relay upcoming event information, and to allow kids to use the phone for reaching parents in specific circumstances.

Accreditation & History

Look into a camp’s credibility as an organization, such as accreditation, a good history, and references from parents. While a camp that just opened may be okay, camps that have been around for a while will have more references and tend to be reliable since they are still in operation.

Consider the Camp’s Philosophy

Some camps are sports based, while others focus on drama or art. And some camps will combine many types of activities for kids to try out. When speaking with a camp director, ask them about the summer camp philosophy and the activity program to help determine if the camp will suit your kids’ interests.

Flexible Activities

When going over the activities and schedules with the camp directors and staff, ask if the kids will have options for activities, or if they have to follow a rigid schedule. Allowing kids to choose some of the activities throughout the day will give them a sense of independence, help them cope with being away from their parents, and also help to make camp feel less like school and more like fun recreation time.

Promotes Community

Good summer camps will encourage inclusiveness amongst the kids, promoting mutual respect and a sense of community. All kids should feel welcome at camp, and a sense of community is a great experience that will keep your kids eager to return the next day.

Trained & Trustworthy Staff

All staff at summer camps should be well trained and have interviews and background, reference, and criminal-record checks completed prior to employment at the camp. There should also be enough staff working for a low camper-to-staffer ratio.

Once you’ve found the best summer camps in Ottawa for your kids, you can send your kids off to camp without worry, knowing that your kids will have fun all day and make lasting memories with new friends.