Themed corporate events in Ottawa are a great opportunity to get away from presentations and meetings and build morale.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Hosting Themed Corporate Events In Ottawa

Themed corporate events may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking for ways to share your business goals with staff. You might want to invite them to the boardroom for an afternoon of slideshows, schedule daily training sessions, or send out a mass e-mail. But when it comes to truly engaging your staff—and improving their workplace experience—you should plan something that is beneficial for everyone. Themed corporate events are a great opportunity to get everyone together for an important purpose—i.e. sharing business objectives and boosting workplace morale. So when creating your slideshow or writing a mass e-mail, consider these benefits of hosting themed corporate events in Ottawa.

Share Your Message

A themed corporate event is an excellent occasion for sharing company messages, goals, visions, project ideas, and updates, and to show employees that their dedication to the company is valued. This is also a fun opportunity for training or team-building workshops that could otherwise feel stuffy in the office. People tend to retain more information when they are engaged in a task, so you can definitely reach a greater audience with an engaging and entertaining corporate event and workshop.

Establish Relationships

Through ice-breaker activities, team-building exercises, group discussions, and the social interactions that are part of corporate events, employees can get to know each other better and feel more like part of a team. This bonding will improve workplace interactions and productivity since employees will feel more comfortable with each other and more inclined to work towards a shared goal as a team.

Connect Employees from Different Locations

For large companies with multiple locations, themed corporate events will bring everyone near and far under one roof to meet in person, put a face to the name, and improve their bonds. Also, inviting employees from each location shows that everyone is valuable no matter how far away they are from your head office.

Exchange Ideas

While sharing your corporate ideas with the group, you can also provide an open space for employees to share ideas and provide feedback to further improve the company. This open exchange of ideas provides employers with a different perspective and gives employees a voice, which helps them feel respected and valued.

Boost Workplace Morale

Hosting a corporate event with a purpose, full of activities, team-building exercises, and open discussions, shows that you appreciate your employees and gives each of them an opportunity to be acknowledged and heard. This appreciation will be reflected in their productivity and cooperation at work because employees are more inclined to work hard when there is mutual respect and appreciation.

If you’re still not sold on these benefits of hosting a corporate event, ask your employees for their input—i.e. would they rather hear your objectives and participate in the boardroom, or spend a day somewhere that is fun, relaxing, and far less stuffy than the office? Employee appreciation goes a long way for businesses, so hosting a corporate event is certainly worth it.